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Curb Appeal Contest-Postponed



DUE TO THE WUHAN VIRUS (Covid-19) the curb appeal contest has been postponed.


Curb Appeal contest rules:

La Habra Heights Improvement Association is offering a cash prize of $1,000 to encourage La Habra Heights homeowners to beautify their homes and our city by improving the exterior appearance of their houses and properties. The contest applies only to frontal areas of properties that are publicly visible from streets, those with “curb appeal.” (While we encourage you to improve your backyards as well, they will not be judged.) The contest is only for existing homes, not for new homes under construction. Judging by the LHHIA Board of Directors will occur on June 30, 2020, and their decision will be final. To participate, please fill out a brief entry form below after October 1, 2019, and submit up to four “before” photographs of your property prior to beginning your improvement work. When work is finished, submit “after” photographs of your improvements taken from the same locations as your “before” shots. All Submission must be received by June 1st 2020. All persons or homes to be submitted must be a La Habra Heights Improvement Association Member. To become a member Click Here

Suggested improvements include, but are not limited to:
Please review the city codes before making modifications.

Approved Plant List Click Here

Fire Danger Plants Do Not Plant Click Here (PDF download)

Tree Removal Handout Click Here

Encroachment rules Click Here

Complete Fire Dept Fuel Modification Plan Click Here

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